Jon Graham Custom Razel GMT

Mint. This was on of a number of auction knives by various makers to benefit Tom Mayo during downtime from surgery

From Jon Graham:
Most of Y’all know that earlier this year I was the recipient of the overwhelming good will of this community, and to tell you the truth I probably would not still be in business had it not been for Y’all .
Full time knifemaking is tough, and most full timers I know would not be able to go 2 or 3 months or more with no income!!!
So I Am going to auction this knife off with all proceeds going to Tom.
I will take the Paypal for it, and send Tom a check .

The knife is a full custom version of the GMT mid tech Razel.
CPM154 3 1/4” Razelcliffe compound ground blade on GTC bearings, Titanium frame with an Oxi clean two tone finish, and my Tailclip .
Let’s run this auction till Friday the 11th at 5:00 PM EST . All dogpiles are welcome with all of them going to the winner