Helios Custom Titanium Compass

98% Condition, Unused

Tritium Locator

Panerai Shaped housing

100bar / 1000m Water Resistant Horoswiss Compass

This project was not done with the intention of meeting a perceived value for a compass.
It was about machining something that provides utility and is totally cool to pull out of the pack.
The compass capsule chosen for this project is a pressurized, extremely sensitive liquid type. Watch grade mineral glass, encased in stainless steel. The compass component is quality, and they came with considerable cost.
Some specifications from the Swiss manufacturer:
This is a precision instrument which required several years of development. The liquid contents are under constant pressure, I.E. approx. 3 bars at 28°C.
The pressure may reach 8 bars at 78°C under extreme condition, I.E. approx. 90 kg of pressure on each glass (tempered mineral glass HR 900) of the compass. This compass required no maintenance for many years. It can endure pressures exceeding 100 bars without any difficulty. Precision is +/- 1°. Compass points and north bearing bars are illuminated. It should be used with certain precautions. For example, it should not be used near devices which create a magnetic field of any magnitude.It should be kept well away from any nearby metallic mass, such as guns, helmets, metal tables, etc. This compass is sealed in a water resistant container. Due to the transparency of the compass, you can use it directly on the map. The compass is only working in horizontal position. Specifics of this compass is for the northern hemisphere.
Titanium 6AL-4V with countersunk 4-40 stainless screws on reverse.
Green 5.5mm tritium vial installed inside, beneath lanyard slot.
The lanyard slot fits a gutted paracord loop. It is notched on the reverse side for the loop so the compass sits flat on a map.
Approximate dimensions 2 1/8” x 1 7/8” x 3/8”



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