ATW Custom Chute Knife

Thick Stock, convex edge, wood handle

Used, Some marks on blade.

The famous Chute Knife as designed by Harry Archer–Bob Loveless and Ken Warner. Harry Archer was an Operative for the U.S. Government. He served in many Theaters and Regions of the World and was a true American Warrior. After many years in that Service he sat down with Ken Warner and designed what he said was missing in the Cutting Tool Market. They designed a Compact–Light and very well balanced knife that would be–in Harry’s Mind–the ideal knife for Missions both overt and covert. Harry and Ken Contacted Bob Loveless and had Bob make the First one.

Quote from Ken Warner:

“Warner stresses that, being a purpose-designed piece for someone who parachuted into unknown terrain, the original chute knife was built in exacting detail. ‘A lot of people are making chute knives, and once in a while someone gets it right…..There are several things a guy has to do in [parachute] rigging. One is to cut. Say the guy is on his way down; he really can’t dig around searching for an edge…”

Quote from Bob Loveless, maker of the first chute knife:

“‘I basically took the bowie, or the so-called bowie knife, with a top clip [swedge on the blade spine ending at the tip] and sharpened it,’ Loveless explains. ‘I brought the main blade bevel up about halfway, maybe two-thirds or three fifths of the way up toward the spine, and left a big flat on the upper side of the blade for trademarking. I made the knife with a double guard and pierced holes in the guard so that Harry could lash it down onto a pole if he needed to–all of the original chute knives had those holes for years, but the don’t anymore.'”



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