Tom Mayo TNT Skinner

Used; Finish has handling marks/snail trails

Blade is in great shape, minor use. Skinner model is one of the more rare Mayo folding models, not made as frequently as his classic drop point blades, nor or even Bowies, Persian and Dr. Death dagger blades. This model has also been made as a covert, though very few exist–if you have one to trade, let us know they are always in some demand. This example has a 3.75in blade made of CPM154 steel, contoured titanium handles and hardened steel hardware. Skinner blade is perfect for skinner as the name implies or any task where a pointed tip may cause damage. Also make a nice carry knife for the same reason. All around a great knife for carry, or for your collection –(spa treatment available from Mayo shop if you want it looking like new again).

About the Maker:
Tom Mayo is currently one of the top-rated knife makers according to Blade Magazine, and has been a pioneer in the creation of the modern tactical frame lock folding knife. He is the creator of the “Covert”, a folding knife made entirely of Titanium with a Stellite or Nitinol blade, for a knife that has no magnetic signature nor will it rust. Tom has the first to use the “MOA” pattern or the bullet hole pattern as a decorative element on his knife handles. Tom Mayo has a unique and extensive model line-up, often employing his trademark “hole pattern” handle designs with a variety of blade styles and models such as Bowies, Persians, Midnight Rambler, Dr. Deaths, using a wide array of blade steels/alloys, carbon fiber, ivory, mosaic pins, micarta, timasacus, superconductor. Tom’s dress knives have sold in excess of $10,000.



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