Shane Sibert Premier Grade Scout

Micarta Scale

Top Swedge near tip is sharpened; RARE

Leather Sheath w/ Sharpening Tool made by Lifter’s Leather. The scout is the quintessential outdoor knife for hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, scouting. “A knife with classic lines, updated with 21st century materials and fabricated using Sibert Knives most stringent construction methods. Devised as a functional yet practical backwoods/survival bush knife that can meet the challenge of any unforeseen camp or emergency chore. New style “Non-abrasive” thumb friction grooves for better control of blade pressure under adverse conditions. As featured also on the larger “Particle Accelerator” the fuller or “Blood-grooves” in the blade not only reduce the overall weight of the knife, but mitigate torsional rigidity. The 410 S.S guard is precision fit, peened with two 1/8″ diameter stainless steel rods, and then fused to the blade tang for a moister seal barrier. Large diameter titanium tubing is flared for a indestructible handle and tang unity. the tubing, while reducing weight, also allows the knife to be lashed to a pole as a spear in dire situations if need be. The ruggedness and overall size of this knife makes it a outstanding carry companion on all of your outdoor adventures!”

From Shane about his Knives:
Crucible Steels premium CPM S30V stainless is used exclusively. Knives are professionally heat treated by MET-TEK with a triple temper and cryogenic soak to a Rockwell hardness of 59-60. S30V exhibits better edge retention then ATS-34 or D-2, while still retaining a higher degree of toughness. S30V also has superior corrosion resistance over 440C.

Green or Black canvas micarta are standard. Canvas micarta which has been used for decades by knifemakers, consists of canvas impregnated with a phenolic resin, bonded under great pressure and heat. The Properties consist of: impact, compression, moisture and temperature resistance. when treated with an oxide blasted, canvas micarta has a textured feel that helps enhance grip retention.

All knives are hollow ground and most exhibit full tangs. The micarta handle slabs are adhered to the tang using industrial epoxy, sealing out moister. Titanium tubing is used for its strength, light weight and non-corrosive properties. Not only does it provides a distinct look to the knives, but its prime function is to prevent handle separation during lateral flex of the knife should it occur. The titanium tubing is flared into the canvas micarta under pressure, to provide an indestructible bond.

Field grade knives incorporate a practical non-reflective oxide blast gray finish. Premier grade knives feature a labor intensive hand rubbed satin finish on the flats of the blade, and a scotch brite finish in the hollow grind, which is then lightly buffed to attain an attractive sheen. Limited to only a few models, a non reflective, highly durable, abrasive and corrosion resistant black Kalgard finish is applied



ITEM # SScout-4