Tom Mayo Vintage Fixed Blade

RARE Waialua Logo

Steel Unknown, possibly ATS-34 or BG-42 which were used by Tom in the past for fixed blades

Lightly used, shows some signs of aging; this knife is at least 20yrs old.

Tom Mayo Custom Wailua Fixed Knife from TAET CUSTOM KNIVES on Vimeo.

About the Maker:
Tom Mayo is currently one of the top-rated knife makers according to Blade Magazine, and has been a pioneer in the creation of the modern tactical frame lock folding knife. He is the creator of the “Covert”, a folding knife made entirely of Titanium with a Stellite or Nitinol blade, for a knife that has no magnetic signature nor will it rust. Tom has the first to use the “MOA” pattern or the bullet hole pattern as a decorative element on his knife handles. Tom Mayo has a unique and extensive model line-up, often employing his trademark “hole pattern” handle designs with a variety of blade styles and models such as Bowies, Persians, Midnight Rambler, Dr. Deaths, using a wide array of blade steels/alloys, carbon fiber, ivory, mosaic pins, micarta, timasacus, superconductor. Tom’s dress knives have sold in excess of $10,000.



ITEM # MayoVTG-2