Walter Brend Dagger #001

Pre-Owned and in great condition.  The edge is sharp, and appears unused.

Marked #001.

About the Maker, from:

Who is Walter Brend?
When you mention the name Walter Brend to some local residents, they know him as neighbor.
At church, they know he and his wife, Kay, as good Christians and members of their congregation.
But ask a collector of custom-made knives, the name Walter Brend is instantly recognizable as one associated with quality craftsmanship.

When you meet Walter, you meet a craftsman who sets for himself the most exacting standards and takes pride in performing as many operations by hand as possible. His shop is simple. He spends hours achieving precise fits between all parts of the knife, then applies a time consuming, hand rubbed finish of satin luster to every surface.

Lives often depend on a knife. There can be no compromises. With Walter Brend, there are none.


ITEM # Brend Dagger-1